About Us

Here at Danbury Plumbing and HVAC Supply we strive to offer you the best products in the plumbing and heating industry along with UNRIVALED customer service. We keep our service levels high by educating our staff, investing in the best design and load calculation software, and by aligning ourselves with the best manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on being the most technical and service oriented supply house in the Greater Danbury area. Some of our services include:

  • Heat and Air Conditioning calculation
  • Radiant Heat design work
  • Duct Design
  • Installation Referrals
  • Commercial Fixture and Faucet quotation
  • On the job BTU calculations
  • Order staging
  • Order delivery
  • Contractors and Builders- Use the Degrees of Comfort showroom as your own!

If you don’t see what you need here just ask! If we can take care of it we will. That’s part of the exceptional service we try to provide to each and every customer that we deal with from contractor to builder to homeowner.

Our plumbing showroom

The Creative Bath is located at 317 Federal Road in Brookfield, CT and is open Mondays through Saturdays. For more information about The Creative Bath, please visit their website or call them at (203) 775-5050. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff looks forward to answering any question you may have on kitchen and bath products, accessories, and remodeling.

From the extravagant to the simply functional Danbury Plumbing and HVAC Supply can fill every order. Our mission is to supply all our customers with the highest quality plumbing supplies and heating equipment that offers the best combination of quality, service, beauty, and taste all while considering the budgets of our customers and their specific installation needs.

The entire staff at Danbury Plumbing & HVAC Supply thanks you for visiting our website.

Our Hours & Location

The Degrees of Comfort heating and cooling showroom is located in our offices on Finance Drive. 

Danbury Plumbing & HVAC Supply
located at 28 Finance Drive in Danbury, CT 06810.
Our business hours:
Monday – Friday 6am to 4:30pm
Saturdays from 7am until 12 noon.

Our phone number is (203) 748-2635
Our fax number is (203) 790-1047.