Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

Radiant heating is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home!

So why are so many homeowners unaware of the benefits of radiant heat or are left unsatisfied after a radiant system is installed? The main causes are a lack of product knowledge, a shortage of trained service people and poor design work.

At Danbury Plumbing and HVAC Supply we take great pride in being on the cutting edge when it comes to radiant floor heating. We were the first supply house in the Danbury area to offer radiant heat design and consultation to contractors and home owners.

We continue to be a leader in the radiant industry by bringing you the very best and latest products from three of the major manufacturers in the industry. We have partnered with Viega, Watts Radiant and Warmup to provide radiant heating solutions for all types of applications – from staple up to climate panel to slab systems.

Whether the job is a new installation or a retrofit, Danbury Plumbing and HVAC Supply provides not only radiant heat loss calculations, but also detailed material lists as well as technical support during the installation.

Enjoy the benefits and comfort of radiant heat without the headaches by choosing Danbury Plumbing and HVAC Supply as your radiant supplier.

You can speak to Josh Hunt, Scott Fengler, or Chris Kay for any of your radiant heating needs!!